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Z-Edge T4 dash cam review: Great video, a touchscreen, and style for miles, although no GPS

Z-Edge T4 dash cam review: Great video, a touchscreen, and style for miles, although no GPS

Without difficulty the classy dash cam we’ve reviewed, not to proposing the easiest to use. It would’ve taken the top spot but for its deficiency of GPS

At a Glance

When I hauled the Z-Edge T4 out of its case, I was thinking the company had made a mistake and sent me a digital camera instead. Most of the dash cams, capable or not, have a rather cheap feel. That the T4, on the other hand, has the heft and feel associated with the object I mistook it for.

The T4 is even an excellent dash cam with a super-handy 4-inch touch display and a 1080p rear camera. Put definitely, it’s easily the classy dash cam system I’ve reviewed. For $170 with a 32GB SD card? Sold. If you don’t need GPS. Dang.

Design and features

Spouting and shock aside, the T4 is a to some degree expansive dim and silver camera, estimating roughly 4.5 x 2.5 x 1 inch at the focal point. As referenced, it has an enormous 4-inch contact show that is deftly responsive.

On the highest point of the camera are the small scale USB control port and the smaller than usual USB port for the back camera. On the left half of the unit SD card opening (up to 128GB) and the power catch. That is it. The touch show hinders the requirement for different catches. The camera sports a 155-degree field of view, and max goals is 1440p. You can step that down to spare extra room if need be.

Note: As to control, there are presently OBD II to small scale USB links accessible online for around $10, in the event that you need to design the T4 or some other camera without the problem of grafting or tapping the wiring saddle.

The T4’s on-screen interface can’t coordinate that of the PureCam for style, however it’s increasingly proficient, with its extensive symbols and a very efficient menu framework. It’s extremely a breeze, and with the pleasantly touchy touch show—a delight to utilize.

The camera additionally includes a 180mAh battery, which was sufficient to keep it ringing in my knapsack for a long time. Oh dear, the presentation won’t turn on while the camera isn’t connected, so I couldn’t kill stopping mode until I got to an AC outlet. Truly, there’s stopping mode, where the camera will utilize its g-sensor to wake up and record what just woke it up.

The 1080p back camera is a plain focal point on a little, squarish body, not exactly as gorgeously structured as its front partner. Be that as it may, where the front camera utilizes a suction mount, the back utilizations semi-lasting sticky tape. That implies that here in the city, in an opened convertible (to maintain a strategic distance from a sliced top), I needed to expel the fastener and nut that append the camera to the mount to guarantee it stayed in my ownership sufficiently long to audit. Somewhat of a torment, yet possible.

The T4 is warrantied for year and a half, however that does exclude the robbery I was worried about, and support is guaranteed forever.

However at this point to tissue out that terrible news, i.e., the absence of GPS, which is a method for demonstrating where episodes happened if the video subtleties are dark, and in this way a component we consider essential for lawful purposes. You may never require it, however on the other hand, you may never require a dash cam, or a vehicle. It’s additionally super-helpful for following your movements and landmarking features with mapping programming.

I’d give the T4 a pass if there were an approach to include GPS, yet there isn’t. No port, and to the extent the organization made me mindful, no inline USB arrangement.


The T4’s day, night and low-light catches are on a par with they get. That may slaughter the tension, yet simply take a gander at them yourself, and you let me know whether I need to shake on any further.
The T4 has a WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) setting which didn’t appear here, however should improve shading for those occasions you’re just catching a view. Day catches are pleasantly point by point.

The day catch above shows decent detail, and the adjustment, which you can’t find in a still photograph, is likewise very great. WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) is accessible, however wasn’t being used in this catch.

The T4’s back camera catches are superior to anything some framework’s front catches. The dim zones in the picture above are from the overhanging trees and the nearness of the window fringes in my convertible.
Low-light and night catches show decent detail, and are to a great extent free from over the top front lamp flare.

Night catches and low-light catches are extremely pleasant, catching loads of detail and not all that much front light flare. The picture beneath shows how much detail will show up in your surroundings when you process the picture splendor.

The following is the back camera, catching much a similar scene as appeared in the T4’s forward camera’s catches. It’s not as nitty gritty, however we’ve seen more regrettable from front cameras.
The night catches from the T4’s back camera are great, however not as nitty gritty as the front camera’s.

I have almost no grievance about any of the video caught by the T4. Note this was at 1080, not the 1440p it comes set at. The 1440p is marginally progressively nitty gritty, yet gobbles up extra room quicker.

A great dash cam, however darn

The T4 was bound to be the main dual-camera dash cam framework on our charts until the lack of GPS mediated. On the off chance that that’s of no worry to you, at that point it’s certainly the classiest dash cam I’m aware of outside of the Owl and PureCam, and it Swirlings them handily in the physic style and feel of thy camera. For a standalone unit that doesn’t save video on the web, it’s darn near flawlessness. In any case, the lack of GPS is somewhat of a buzz execute. Again… Dang.

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At a Glance

With GPS, this front/back dash cam combo would’ve been an Editor’s Choice. The beautiful front unit with its magnificent touchscreen/interface is as yet our preferred physical unit, and the video from both front and back cameras is first class. We support GPS both for legitimate shield and travel-mapping, yet on the off chance that you simply need style and extraordinary video, the T4 is it.


  • Phenomenal structure and touchscreen
  • High-goals cameras: 1440p front, 1080p back
  • Superb battery life
  • Leaving mode awakens the camera if the vehicle is exasperates


  • No GPS capability

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