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Top 5 Dash Cams To Truck Drivers in 2019

Top 5 Dash Cams To Truck Drivers in 2019

Here are the best 5 dash cams as indicated by truck drivers.

In case you’re a trucker, almost certainly, you’re searching for a decent dash cam to support your story on the off chance that you’re engaged with a mishap or witness something news-commendable.

A decent dash cam will be equipped for chronicle all of proof you’ll have to help insurance agencies spread for any costs as needs be.

These days, there’s a ceaseless and consistently expanding number of careless drivers tormenting roadways and lanes everywhere throughout the nation.

Henceforth, finding a suitable dash cam for your truck will enable you to guarantee your wellbeing and keep away from any superfluous costs.

Nonetheless, be cautioned that few out of every odd vehicle dash cam will work for each truck. Moreover, while we survey the best truck dash cams, you may you need to figure out how they work.

We’ll look at every gadget and its geniuses or cons.

Top 5 Dash Cams To Truck Drivers in 2019

at a glance

The Best Feature
WheelWitness Dash Cam HD PRO PLUS Circle recording when SD is full
WheelWitness HD PRO – Premium Dash Cam Can zoom in effectively even while recording  
Roav by Anker Dash Cam C2 Clear and wide account extend  
Old Shark Dash Cam Stable account because of unique chips  
Accfly Dash Cam 1080P If there should arise an occurrence of an accident, the camera bolts the video consequently  

1.    WheelWitness Dash Cam HD PRO PLUS – Overall the Best

WheelWitness Dash Cam HD PRO Plus – w/WiFi – Premium Dash Camera for Cars – WiFi & GPS, Sony Exmor Sensor, Dashboard Camera, Car DVR, Dual USB Charger, G Sensor, Night Vision + Free 16GB SD
Price: $154.99
 Was: $159.99

WheelWitness is a standout amongst the best dash cam organizations on the US, and the HD PRO PLUS dash cam is apparently their best item. It accompanies a free 16 GB SD card, as well.

In addition, its establishment is extremely direct. It requires no investment to set it up.

In spite of the fact that its survey edge isn’t as broad as that of different cams, its unfathomably high video goals compensates for it. Accordingly, it can catch clear recordings. It may just battle recording tags, however whatever else should look amazingly sharp.

Furthermore, you can download an application which gives you a chance to control the camera utilizing your telephone, which comes fantastically convenient when you’re on a long trek. In like manner, the camera is little and simple to bear if necessary; it likewise takes no space from your field of view.


  • A parcel of customization alternatives
  • Small camera
  • High-quality video recording
  • Stays enduring notwithstanding when the truck is moving quick
  • Voice recording abilities


  • Its field of view isn’t as wide as that of different cameras
  • The directions aren’t excessively clear and may befuddle proprietors

2. WheelWitness HD PRO – Premium Dash Cam – Best HD Dash Cam2

WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS – 2K Super HD – 170° Lens – 16GB microSD – Advanced Driver Assistance – for 12V Cars & Trucks – Night Vision Dashboard Camera Ambarella A7LA50 Car Security DVRPrice: $124.99 Was: $139.99

This dash cam is one of those more affordable WheelWitness items. The greater part of their items are made with front line innovation. You can take a gander at this cam as a spending adaptation of the HD PRO PLUS.

It is fit for chronicle extremely excellent video and can indicate even the littlest of subtleties that a trucker may need to support their story after an accident. Its focal point is extraordinarily expansive and covers a tremendous range, as well:

It’s optimal for substantial trucks. Furthermore, pictures are caught notwithstanding when the cam is recording at spots with practically no light. Strikingly, it can circle record too. This element enables the camera to consequently erase more seasoned accounts at whatever point the capacity unit is full. Henceforth, it’s a significant element for the individuals who will in general make long adventures and can’t stand to sit idle dealing with their dash cam’s recording.


•           Its wide focal point makes it perfect for even the biggest trucks

•           High-quality video recording notwithstanding amid the night

•           Records capable of being heard sound with open windows

•           Works well with level windshields

•           Solid mounting alternatives and simple establishment


•           does exclude a SD card

•           It’s extremely hard to change and change things on the cam

3. Roav by Anker Dash Cam C2 – Best Budget Dash Cam

Roav DashCam C2, by Anker, FHD 1080P, 3″ LCD, 4-Lane Wide-Angle View Lens, G-Sensor, WDR, Loop Recording, Night Mode, 2-Port Charger, No Wi-Fi or AppPrice: Check on Amazon

This generally shabby dash cam has a worked in night vision innovation, which allows the camera to catch brilliant recordings even in dim situations. It is fit for chronicle traffic in extremely wide roads on account of its immense focal point, and it additionally offers 1080p video goals. Tragically, this item doesn’t have a SD card included. In addition, it expects you to get one if the item is to work effectively. In any case, it offers support for cards of up to 128GB of capacity.

Besides, it offers incredible visual and voice prompts, which enable proprietors to rapidly ensure all is well. Moreover, its stopping mode is likewise extraordinary.


•           Prompts are a gigantic guide for the proprietor as they enable you to ensure everything’s alright with the item

•           Easy setup

•           Works great and records astounding video

•           Its little size is ideal for the driver’s vision

•           Works very well with trucks because of its wide catch extend


•           Night vision isn’t in the same class as promoted

•        The sound gets packed and may be hard to see unmistakably difficult to understand clearly

4. Old Shark Dash Cam – Best LED Dash Cam

OldShark Dash Cam, 3″ 1080P HD Car Recorder 170 Wide Angle Night Vison Dashboard Camera with G-Sensor, Loop Recording, WDR, Parking GuardPrice: $59.00 Was: $99.98

The Old Shark Dash Cam is an incredible item which has great video-catching capacities. Its LED light-source is topnotch; be that as it may, the cam does exclude infrared innovation as publicized.

Then again, solidness is a standout amongst its most fundamental highlights. It can withstand extended periods of steady use without hinting at any separating. In this manner, you can serenely drive with it turned on for more than 12 hours every day with no issue.

Moreover, its bundle likewise incorporates a 32GB SD card, which is a colossal in addition to for purchasers who’d like to abstain from looking for an extra stockpiling unit. The surface is attractive and the item itself looks very much assembled, as well.


  • Includes a 32GB storage unit
  • Records high-quality video
  • Can sustain regular wear-and-tear for a long time
  • Its menu is simple to use
  • Long power cord allows easy connectivity


•           Poor infrared quality equivalents to awful night film

•           Parking Mode sensor isn’t very much made

•           A colossal effect is required for cam enactment when stopped

5. Accfly Dash Cam 1080P – Best Mini Dash Cam

Accfly Dash Cam 1080P 3.0″ LCD Screen Car Dash Camera DVR Recorder G-Sensor, Loop Recording Motion Detection with 170° Wide Angle Lens + Vehicle Rear CameraPrice: $40.99 Was: $72.90

This little dash cam is equipped for account video in 1080p, making it one of the littlest however best dash cams available. Nonetheless, its point isn’t as wide as that of different items in our rundown. Then again, despite everything it bolsters chronicles at up to 120°.

In addition, it likewise accompanies a convenient sensor that locks recording after any accidents result. This situation implies that the area of the video which contains everything identified with the mishap won’t be expelled except if the proprietor of the cam does as such themselves.

Another drawback is that this item does exclude a memory card, however its size permits a SD card with up to 32GB of extra room. Furthermore, the camera can be situated with no issues on generally windshields.


•           Lightweight and simple to convey

•           Charging link is sufficiently long

•           Night vision is gainful

•           Can be introduced in the blink of an eye with no issues

•           It has an entirely reasonable cost


  • Doesn’t appear to last as much as the other dash cams that we’ve inspected today
  • The directions aren’t excessively clear
  • It has some minor issues with the SD Card opening – some of the time it won’t turn out effectively

Interesting points Before Purchasing A Dash Cam For Truckers:

There are some significant highlights that you should search for in a dash cam.

To begin things off, you’ll have to ensure that the camera is reasonable for trucks – as we’ve said previously, few out of every odd vehicle dash cam will be valuable when put in a truck’s windshield.

Besides, a well-made camera ought to have the option to keep going for quite a while without losing video quality or the general toughness of its assemble. Also, we’ve recorded more highlights to observe.

Circling Capability

Circling enables the dash cam to erase old film to free up space. It allows the camera to work ceaselessly for whatever length of time that it remains charged without stressing over erasing film physically.

It’s significant for this component to be joined by great g-power sensors, as these typically make crashes stay “bolted” in the recording and not be detracted from the cam’s memory.

G-Force Sensors

A G-power sensor is a component which recognizes at whatever point the truck is associated with a collide with trigger explicit system inside the dashboard camera. By and large, it makes the recorded film stay bolted, refusing programmed erasure without the trucker’s authorization.

Movement Sensors

Notwithstanding when the camera is off, movement sensors may enable the dash cam to turn itself on and begin recording in the event that some episode presents itself while it isn’t dynamic. This quality doesn’t just allow the camera to recognize a potential accident, yet it can likewise spare the proprietor from a thief hoping to break into the vehicle.

Night Vision

On the off chance that you regularly leave yourself on long outings, you’re probably going to wind up out and about at evening. The night is normally an average time for heedless drivers, so night vision recording may spare you a great deal of costs.

Video Quality

All the dash cams that we’ve assessed today offer HD recording. You may discover less expensive cameras with lower quality goals, yet the cash you spare in the dash cam may cause issues down the road for you later.

By and large Reliability

The unwavering quality of a dashboard camera is controlled by how great its manufacture is. In the event that the cam is tough and all around made, it ought to have the option to keep going for quite a while. Supplanting these dash cams frequently is an inconvenience. Also, on the off chance that it separates when you need it the most, you would lament your choice in the event that you purchased a lower quality item.


These items are regularly utilized in the truck’s front windshield, so their size should be little enough to not trouble the driver by meddling with their view. Actually, on the off chance that you plan to utilize your camera on your back windshield, estimate isn’t a lot of an issue.

FAQs About Dash Cams for Truckers

Q: Where would i be able to purchase dash cams?

You can visit nearby stores, however we prescribe purchasing on the web to spare you time and vitality when you definitely realize which would be the best dashboard camera for your truck. For a begin, you can look up and visit our suggested items by tapping on the connections.

Q: what number dash cams does a trucker need?

You can just get one for the front of your truck, yet we suggest two cams: one in front and one on your truck’s back. This is to guarantee that you will be secured and with proof on the two sides of your truck in the event that something occurs.

Q: What is the best dash cam ever for the truckers?

Extremely, the response to that would eventually rely upon you, the client and the driver. Also, your truck would be an enormous determinant, as well. You can utilize our manual for make sense of the best dashboard camera after you’ve taken notes of the variables we’ve referenced.

Our Final Take

Spending a conventional measure of cash to buy one of the brilliant dash cams we’ve demonstrated you today will spare you dollars in protection costs later on.

WheelWitness emerges as the best brand, yet Anker, similar to a couple of different makers on our rundown, additionally vies for the title. Henceforth, pick one as indicated by what truck you have and what way of life you pursue.

Presently, which of these would you say you are going to purchase? It is safe to say that you are thinking about buying two dash cams? Tell us your conclusions beneath!

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